Ukraine women vs Asian women: dating experts’ opinion

Brief review of Asian and Ukrainian sexuality

Ukrainian women remain as popular among single westerners as Asian women, both for marital and hookup purposes. But what made these two groups leaders in the dating market?

Asian women are considered physically exotic and also obedient, these two main qualities basically brought thousands of western men to their feet.

If to compare them, Ukrainian girls are pretty exotic too, especially those ones from Odessa an international harbour city where all possible genes have mixed in local people.

Ukrainian women whose ancestors were brave and black-eyed warriors called Cossacks, or Free people, are knowingly more dark-haired and tanned than typical Russians.

Thanks to this genotype, they are very sexy and passionate, with sparkling and hypnotizing eyes, but they definitely possess more pro-activity and domination than Asian women.

It also isn’t typical for Ukrainians to be petite like Asians, but they are also physically programmed and mentally determined to stay in a good shape.

Now, it’s important to realize that Ukrainian women are everything but obedient. Even among Russian females, there is a bigger number of obedient personalities.

Asia and Ukraine women

But girls in Ukraine are the opposite: proud, a bit stubborn, mildly confident, and they do what they want. They are respectful towards their partner, but not submissive.

Of course, if you are interested exactly in a subby, you can easily find one on special Ukrainian forums and sites. BDSM is very much in fashion there. But it’s not a common trait.

Another spicy detail is that the age of consent in Japan, for example, is very young: 13 y.o. While in Ukraine it’s 18 y.o. Daters who prefer very young girls, should know that.

Assuming all that, it can be said that in Ukraine you are getting an equal, mature, responsible lover who likes to take initiative and can make the first step towards your intimacy.

While in most of Asian countries, you can get an immature girl if you want, or an older woman who will act like an immature girl in a bed, preferring a man to lead the sex game.


Is it really cheap to date a Ukrainian girl vs Asian?

Asia is huge and includes so many countries, all of them have certain differences. But we’d dare to say that majority of western men are interested in cheap Asian dating.

It is certainly very difficult to date a wealthy Korean or Singaporean woman, as more as she is intended to get to marry to even wealthier local recommended by her family.

For these obvious reasons, we’ll compare Ukrainian singles to Filipina or Chinese women. Exactly these Asian nationalities are frequently chosen by western men for sex and marriage.

Asian and Ukrainian sexuality

Ukrainian dating trend has started along with the world famous Russian dating, over two decades ago. It was a pleasantly shocking discovery that Ukrainian girls are so beautiful yet modest.

But it’s human nature that after some years these girls understood how profitable it is to date several westerners at once, and started to demand high-class restaurants along with shopping.

This materialistic wave went down as drastically as it went up, after the tragic events in 2014. Ukrainian women realized they need reliable partners for escaping from the country.

Since 2014, Ukrainian dating is inexpensive again, plus it became easier thanks to joining the EU. Ukrainians don’t need a visa anymore for travelling to European and some other countries.

So it can be said that courtship in Ukraine is as cheap as courtship in the Philippines. Girls are happy with a box of chocolates, a new dress, and a promise to extract their roots from the homeland.

At the same time, it is fair to mention that many of Chinese women are completely ok with a pair of cheap sneakers and the simplest T-shirt with jeans, while Ukrainian girls love fancy items.

In the worst case, they are ready to buy second hand clothes, but only something bright and stylish. It is impossible to imagine Kyiv or Odessa girls saving up on their looks.

date a Ukrainian girl vs Asian

Of course, it’s a sad reality that both Ukrainian and Filipina girls are often in need of dental care, bank debt payments, and they are showered with the bills they can’t cover.

It’s mostly their governments’ fault. But even taking into account all these expenses that are waiting for you if you have serious intentions towards them, you won’t lose much.

Asian and Ukrainian dating cost cannot be compared to enormous demands and expectations of western women, so your wallet is kind of ok while visiting these countries with romantic purposes.


Daily life with a Ukrainian vs Asian woman: what to expect?

Luckily, no one needs to be a pioneer explorer in these kinds of dating: there are hundreds of Asian – American and Ukrainian – American couples already who share their experience.

From all these cases and family blogs we know that life with an Asian woman is extremely practical and predictable. Housekeeping, children, visiting relatives in the weekend.

While Ukrainian women do not like a routine at all. It also differs them from Russian wives who are able to repeat the Groundhog Day as many times as their husband wants.

Ukrainians are rebels. In case of girls, they express this quality by changing the plans frequently, surprising their man and expecting surprises in return, and a non-stop curiosity.

They will be interested in various trips or at least in discovering all corners of your state and city. They are equally spontaneous and surprising in a bed too, but that’s another story.

Both Asian and Ukrainian women are great mothers, in case you need this info. Many of them already have a kid at the moment of registering on a dating site.

But if they don’t, they aren’t in a big hurry to have them. Ukrainian women usually can wait till 30+ but Asian girls want a baby earlier. They also tend to have 2 or 3 kids with time.

Both categories do not party hard, like Russian women for instance. Asian and Ukrainian girls are very moderate drinkers and even if it happens, they go to sleep instead of crashing things.

girls in Ukraine

It’s funny but Asian and Ukrainian girlfriends or wives are normally loved by their mothers-in-law. They really know how to be good girls, or at least how to make such an impression.

Another wonderful trait that unites them, is cooking. Asian and Ukrainian women are awesome chefs. Their national cuisines are delicious and they’re never out of new recipes.


Choosing the best girl ever among Asian and Ukrainian chicks

Some men don’t want the cheapest or simplest option, they’re after sex bombs and breathtaking celebrities. Well, there are plenty of them in Asia and Ukraine.

In both regions, girls who were lucky to be born in well-provided families or have reached success thanks to their own talents, look absolutely stunning and magnificent.

Since they got a sense of style and fashion but could not develop it with the lack of resources, they show all the potential once the new heights are taken.

Some of these beauties chose to be sugar babies while others want to date a man who would also prove his creativity and artistic skills. The best way is to have all of the above including the money.

Ukrainian and Filipina girls

However, wise men know beauty is in the eye of beholder and the best woman is someone who is reliable enough to stay with the same person for ages, to grow old together.

In general, both Asian and Ukrainian girls are idealistic enough to meet these expectations and make a man happy in a way he desires that. And that’s the most important thing.